Engineering and Architecture


PROENGEL was founded in 1988, has been since the begining of its activities, a company dedicated to the preparation of studies and engineering and architecture projects with particular enfasis on: Buildings, Communication Routes and Structural Works, Environment and Sewerage System and Urban Plans, proposing itself to do it using the best and more updated methods available and the best qualified technicians.

Under the scope of its activity it has developed its work all over the country, whether in private as in public works.

Since its constitution this company has always persued to maintain a partnership with its customers, employes and suppliers, by adopting and improving processes and techniques which allow us to accomplish every goal. In this context, and to consolidate and expand its market position and in order to give an answer to all its customers needs, Proengel made a strategic partnership with two companies in this working area.

Having as basis this concept, the company earlier established the following principles:

  • Promoting the participation of all employes/suppliers valuing each one's work;
  • Provide continous professional improvement and updating with the mais goal of having "Know-how";
  • Promote and dynamize the Quality concept, since adjudication till the delivery of the project, covering its conception and execution;
  • Promote an open relationship with suppliers, in order to cooperate in problems resolution;
  • Provide the proper means to perform the work, in such a way as to fulfill the requirements, to ensure the fullfilment of the growing expectations and demands of satisfaction of customers.