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Dialysis Clinic of Cova da Beira - Covilhã

General Description
Developer: Frenesius Medical Care SA

Works Value: 1300 000,00  €
Year: 2003
Phase: Executed Work
Service Provision: Conception, coordination and project management.

General Description: The Covilhã's Dialysis Clinic was built in the farm of Aleivosa or Cabreiro, at Santa Maria - Covilhã, in an allotment of 2.400 m2 in the new are of the city, that is expanding.
The implantation area of the building is of 670 m2 and the gross area for construction is of 1.370 m2, distributed for two floors:
- upper floor for public use: clinic;
- down floor is of restricted use to personnel - administrative, technical and facilities area;
The clinic is equipped with 18 treatment positions, 2 recovery positions and the remaining instalations are for medical and technical support.